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1. What nickname(s) do you like to be called?
     Oh, just Lulu is fine.
2. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
     I am very bizarre, random, and oversensitive at times, but extremely creative and caring.
3. Aside from finding Jenna, what is your number one desire you wish to fulfill in this story: love? getting back home? making home in a world (for example, staying in Neverland, Prydain, etc.)? to change a plot or event in a world (not letting Mufasa die, Quasimodo actually gets the girl, etc.) take over the universe? You may choose more than one, but no more than two., love would be nice...and I'm torn between wanting to go home and staying in the AMAZING worlds out there! Hmmm...I wanna stay in a world with characters who actually love me! YAY! ...but if Alicia and Jenna decide on going home, I'll go home, too.
4.If you choose love, what character would you want to be paired with.
     DISCORD FROM MY LITTLE PONY!! YUS! *huggles him* Oh, Discord, one day you and I shall rule this world together...
5. If you choose making home in a world, what world would you stay in?
     Hmmm...good question! I could easily see myself in the world of MLP, but at the same time, I would probably have homes in Agrabah and Arrendelle...and Ancient Greece! Even ones in Neverland and Wonderland!
6.You have been able to keep a prized possession of yours and a power has been enhanced for it to use. What item of yours is it and what power would you like to have?
     Oh, it's nothing special, just my remote control. This shall allow me to relive the best moments of ANY movie or TV show...maybe even control time to an extent? :shrug: I don't know if it can alter history or make major changes to movies...I'd be afraid to try that, because what if I make bad changes for Disney history?
7. What are your pet peeves?
     Friends in danger, people who chew gum too loudly, people who click pens over and over again.
8. What are your comedic quirks (such as perfectionist, terrible driver, etc.)?
     I am totally fangirlish! If a cartoon character, actor/actress, or anyone who I really, really admire is near, I will POUNCE!
9. What are your fears?
     Losing a friend, wasps and other various flying creatures that can sting me, isolation.
10. What character(s) would you see yourself be friends with?
     Well, I guess the villainous types that Jenna really likes (Jafar, Forte, you know). But I also like characters like me! (Discord and Pinkie Pie from MLP, Anna from Frozen). I also like complicated characters who I can try to help out, like Elsa.
11. What character(s) would you see yourself not get along with?
     All powerful beings or rulers that (most of the time) make bad decisions or do nothing to help those in need. 
12. Pick two worlds that you would like to visit in this story. That includes any Disney movie or TV show of your choosing.
     MY LITTLE PONY...and...and...wait, I can only pick one? NOOOO! NO! NO! NO! Well, I guess Frozen. It would be awesome to hang out with Elsa and Anna!
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Hello, fellow deviants! I am planning on uploading random doodles and sketches, as well as small sneak peeks of my fan fiction! (My most popular story is Fill in the Blanks, a Powerpuff Girl fan fic.)

I welcome constructive criticism, and I cannot wait to explore the site and share my work!

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murriwurri Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you very much for the watch :) :)
LuluCalliope Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the badge! :D
murriwurri Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
welcome :D :D
I'm just learning of Jenna's passing away, and I can not believe it. I hadn't talked to her in a while, and I went looking on her profile to message her and see if she was doing okay, because I know she had some problems, and then I was greeted by the horrible news. I know I wasn't as close to her as you and Alicia, but I considered her a friend and I knew her for three short years. She was an amazing person. I am not aware of the cause of her death, but all I can think about is how the Earth has lost such a beautiful and creative person sooo early, and I don't even know how she looks like....

I hope to hear from you soon, and I hope you are doing okay. 

RIP Jenna, I will keep your spirit alive.
LuluCalliope Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
She's in a better place now.
KaylaKissesKangaroos Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I couldn't agree more.
I am so sorry....I had read your new Chapter today that was Chapter 40 of The Fleischer Files and I had found out about the rumors are in fact true..
and I was really hoping the rumors were just that rumors and weren't true at all...but I hope you will keep the memories alive of her through your stories and I hope you will make a spin off story with her in it too..
I had left a Comment on The Fleischer Files just a few minutes or so ago...though I'm not sure when you will read this on DA but I hope you do read the comment I left...
I was really hoping those rumors weren't true but I hope that you'll all ways keep her memory alive through your stories...
:hug: and I hope you and Alicia will be okay..
Hi its me again, I had did this drawing I told you about the idea of Cooltown City on the comment I left on your story on fanfiction net.
any way here is a link to the drawing and I gave you credit since you inspired it.
any way I am going to watch a movie and then after that I am going to take a nice nap and ten check for any new chapters to your story though I'm not sure if it be right now but it doesn't hurt to check so I will check when I wake up from my Nap :hug: and I hope you like the drawing I did even though I don't think I am very good at drawing buildings.…
LuluCalliope Oct 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, go ahead! Sleep well!
Hi I made a short story gift for you and even gave you Credit cause your kinda in it though I made sure to give you Credit
and when the part in Valiant's place you can guess the person in it is you though the name isn't said until your name is called in one part of the story.
any way I wanted to help by trying to give you a idea on what might happen in The Fleischer Files.
and all so Please Read both your Reviews on The Fleischer Files and The Ready Player Three it is Very Important you do cause I feel it is important and I hope you like the idea of a AU Ready Player Three and AU The Fleischer Files and the names I came up with on the reviews...
any way here is the link to the Gift I did for you..
please read the Description too.…
and I hope to Read the Next Chapter of Fleischer Files Too cause I really Want to See what happens next.
and I hope the gift story I did for you will give you a idea for a surprise for Eddie Valiant.
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